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ULTRA POP: Bringing Fandom to Your Tastebuds

Updated: May 8

If you love anime and gaming as much as you love a good snack, get ready to have your tastebuds blown away! ULTRA POP, our exciting brand, is shaking up the world of food and beverage consumables with exclusive products inspired by your favorite pop culture icons.

Pop Culture Powerhouses, Now in Tasty Form

Who doesn't love the thrilling adventures of One Piece, the intense battles of Dragon Ball Super, or the quirky heroes of My Hero Academia? Now, the passion you have for these series (and more!) comes in the form of delicious treats. ULTRA POP is all about transforming beloved licenses like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Captain Tsubasa, and even the recent smash-hit film, One Piece Red, into mouthwatering experiences.

Trends We're Riding: Flavor, Fandom, and Fun

Why is ULTRA POP the perfect addition to the snack and beverage world? Here are a few trends we're capitalizing on:

Fandom is Flavorful: Pop culture and snacks are the perfect pairing. Fans want experiences that extend beyond the screen, and unique flavors inspired by their favorite characters deliver just that!

Global Cravings: Anime's popularity is skyrocketing worldwide. This translates to a craving for Japanese-inspired snacks and new flavor adventures that bring those series to life.

The Joy Factor: Snacking should be fun! Brightly packaged beverages, zesty noodle flavors, and shareable rice chips make ULTRA POP a playful addition to any fan's collection, a great way to add some excitement to movie nights or gatherings.

Join the ULTRA POP Craze

Whether you're a diehard anime enthusiast or simply love trying out exciting new flavors, ULTRA POP invites you to indulge in the tastier side of pop culture. We're dedicated to bringing fans a unique and authentic snacking experience inspired by the worlds they love – one delicious bite (or sip!) at a time.

The Power of Namlow

The ULTRA POP experience is fueled by the dedication of Namlow. We attend global expos, constantly seeking out the hottest new products. Our capabilities extend to worldwide delivery, label customization, and handling all the necessary import documents, making the process seamless for you.

Contact us for more information at get some of the new products here, many more available.

Namlow Ultra Pop - Product Catalog
Download PDF • 27.74MB

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