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Spice Up Your Business: The Booming Market for Hot Sauce & Your Wholesale Solution.

Restaurants, food service companies, grocery stores, and specialty food retailers – are you ready to capitalize on the explosive growth of the global hot sauce market? With sales forecast to reach US$15 billion by 2031, it's time to expand your offerings with the authentic flavors and premium quality that customers crave.


Why Hot Sauce? Why Now?

Global Cravings: Consumers worldwide can't get enough of the adventurous flavors found in cuisines from Mexico to Southeast Asia. Hot sauce is the perfect way to add that authentic touch to menu items and packaged goods.

Health Focus: Hot peppers offer a natural flavor boost and potential health benefits. Consumers are increasingly drawn to sauces made with fresh, recognizable ingredients.

The Artisan Boom: Craft hot sauces with unique flavor profiles and origin stories are in high demand, aligning perfectly with Chapala's commitment to fresh-grown chiles.


The Chapala Difference

Chapala Hot Sauces deliver more than just heat. Their commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients results in a range of vibrant, well-balanced sauces perfect for diversifying your product offerings.

Diverse Heat Levels: From a satisfying kick to fiery sensations, Chapala caters to all spice preferences.

Flavor Versatility: Enhance signature dishes, create gourmet gift baskets, or add a new dimension to packaged food items

Authentic Mexican Roots: Chapala's dedication to cultivating their own chiles ensures unmatched freshness and authentic flavor your customers will love.


Namlow is your bridge to the vibrant world of Chapala Hot Sauces.

We offer:

  • Competitive Bulk Pricing: Expand your customer base with high-quality hot sauces at prices that boost your margins.

  • Reliable International Shipping: We make importing easy, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

  • Commitment to Freshness: Partner with a company that shares Chapala's dedication to the best possible flavors.

  • Ready to ignite your menu, boost your retail selection, or expand your product line with the authentic taste of Mexico?

  • Contact Namlow today to discuss wholesale partnerships and discover the full range of Chapala Hot Sauces.


Contact us at View the full Catalogue down below.

Chapala Catalogue April 2024
Download PDF • 7.30MB

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